Best Gaming Mouse Pads 2020 – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Gaming Mouse Pads 2020 – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

The issue of the best gaming mouse cushions is a profoundly discussed one today. Customarily, gamers who use mice with surface tuning view mouse cushions as subordinate. 

Be that as it may, are these embellishments futile? I surmise not. 

If you are a devotee of profoundly serious games that require split-second controls, at that point a gaming cushion is something that you ought to consider adding to your gaming fringe. 

Among different advantages, the best gaming mouse cushions give a lot of help as far as affectability and exactness to your gaming mice. All in all, what is important when purchasing these things? 

Are there devoted mouse cushions for gaming? 

You'll gain proficiency with all these soon. 

1Logitech G440 – Best Gaming Mouse Pads for High DPI Gaming 

The Logitech G440 is outstanding amongst other gaming mouse cushions available today. This cushion carries huge amounts of things to like and next to no to detest. How about we start here, what settles on it our supervisor's decision on this rundown? 

Impeccable size 

It is safe to say that you are searching for a gaming cushion that is neither too little nor unreasonably huge for your gaming work area? Indeed, I wager the Logitech G440 possesses all the necessary qualities. 

This cushion estimates 11 1/8 by 13 3/8 inches. This may be a perfect size for gamers who need a cushion that is marginally bigger than a standard cushion. 

This size permits you to make accurate developments without lifting your mouse. However, it isn't excessively huge to make it hard to put it on the edge of your work area. 

Has low surface rubbing 

I wager this is the key element that makes it a standout amongst other gaming mouse cushions today. This cushion has a hard surface and, along these lines, practically ideal for lightning mouse and cursor developments. 

As most gamers attest, its interestingly smooth surface makes following a breeze and doesn't cause skipping. 

We likewise like that hard gaming mouse cushions like this one offers you a steady gaming surface from the start. Accordingly, it's far-fetched that you'll need to supplant this cushion at any point shortly. 

The best part? 

It doesn't slide! This is among a couple of other best gaming mouse cushions that we can genuinely prescribe to irate DPI gamers. 

We value that it has an elastic base. This is a decent element that implies that the cushion won't be sliding everywhere throughout the work area with your hand. 

Is it accurate to say that you are available for a gaming mouse too? Provided that this is true, consider coordinating this cushion with the Logitech G gaming mouse. Logitech says that this gaming cushion has been intended to coordinate the Logitech G's sensors. 

What we don't care for 

Initially, this cushion is very costly. You could get 2 other low-end yet utilitarian models at its cost. Second, its edges are eminently more honed and may disturb the wrist without any problem. You should smoothen them before utilizing the tangle. 

2CORSAIR MM300-Anti-Fray Gaming Mouse Pads 

It's on exceptionally uncommon events that we suggest material mouse cushions, particularly for gaming. Be that as it may, we realize a quality fabric cushion when we see it. What's more, this Corsair MM300 is among the best gaming mouse cushions in this classification. 

Flaunting an amazing 4.7/5 star rating from its 2k gamers, I question there's anything to underscore on its unwavering quality. 

Accessible in all sizes 

A monster in gaming innovation, Corsair comprehends that gaming peripherals are an individual inclination. That is the reason it benefits the Corsair MM300 in all the 3 sizes. 

While our suggestion here is the littlest size, you could get it in a medium or enormous form. What we like is that even the biggest cushion is just a couple of bucks pricier than the Logitech above. 

The Corsair MM300 little cushion might be an incredible alternative if your work area has constrained space. On the off chance that you need a model that will offer you complete control without filling your work area, the medium size cushion may do the trick. 

The enormous cushion may be a lot if you need something significant enough for your gaming console also. 

What makes the Corsair MM300 one of a kind? 

No conflicts 

This gaming mouse cushion has solid and dependable lines that make fraying practically incomprehensible. This element implies that you can toss it in the clothes washer with certainty. 

Has very nearly zero slips 

We additionally like that the MM300 highlights an enemy of slide elastic base. This component combined with its material weave surface with low-grinding permits most extreme gaming exactness with pixel-exact focusing on. 

3CORSAIR MM800 Polaris RGB Mouse Pad 

The RGB rage is all over. For the individuals who are as of now into it, I wager the Corsair MM800 is the best approach. 

Not at all like the mouse cushions over, this is a clever model with an RGB light at the front, left, and right. All things considered, this lighting does nothing in increasing your scores in the games. 

Yet, it's a sight to behold. It's only for feel and makes a brilliant showing of making an intriguing shading creation on your playing field. 

Worth referencing is that the RGB framework utilizes True PWM lighting innovation. Strikingly, this is among the best gaming mouse cushions that are perfect with the Corsair Utility Engine. 

This is a downloadable application that permits you to modify and synchronize the lighting impact on the cushion. In that capacity, you get the most exact palettes of red, blue, and green hues. 

Here is the best part 

The MM800 has worked in USB go through. This port permits you to interface your mouse to your comp using the cushion. It's all the more a pay for the port that it involves on your PC. 

It's open 

The Corsair MM800 measures 350mm x 260mm x 5mm. We should simply concur this is plentiful for the vast majority of your gaming needs. Its hard low-contact surface permits the most extreme exactness for lightning-speed precision. 

Far better, it has an elastic base that offers a solid non-slip grasp even on glass surfaces. 

Any drawbacks? 

Even though the above highlights characterize the MM800 as a standout amongst other gaming mouse cushions here, it doesn't come without certain defects. 

In the first place, this cushion is huge and doesn't twist. In that capacity, it may be an issue if your gaming work area is experiencing space. 

Second, its finished surface may be somewhat overwhelming to keep clean than a standard mouse cushion. Likewise, its cost is a little on the better quality for a mouse cushion even though it merits each penny. 

4Razer Firefly Chroma Hard 

The Razer Firefly Chroma is one more alternative on the off chance that you are chasing for the best gaming mouse cushions with light. 

As its name recommends, the Chroma Hard highlights a hard surface. Nonetheless, it has another kin with a material surface for the individuals who lean toward it. 

Planned intentionally for speed, you should feel a huge distinction particularly on the off chance that you are moving from a material cushion. It may, in this way, please gamers who ache for fast and exact developments. 

Talking about accuracy, the Firefly Chroma Hard has an intelligent small scale finished surface that supports the sensors' affectability. Likewise, this surface opposes pet hair effectively and it's additionally very simple to clean. 

This mouse tangle utilizes Razer Chroma Lighting that offers a great many adjustable hues. This dazzling presentation of hues and impacts help in boosting your gaming condition. 

What's the trick with this cushion? 

To begin with, dissimilar to the Corsair MM800 over, the Chroma doesn't offer remuneration for the USB port it employs. 

Second, its line isn't separable. On the off chance that it breaks (though far-fetched), you'll be left with a normal cushion with no lighting to flaunt. 

5PECHAM Extended Gaming Mouse Pad 

The Peckham may be the ticket for players who are not prepared to sink a wad of cash for a negligible cushion. Truly, this cushion is similarly as modest as these peripherals get. 

Regardless of its expendable value, the Pecham has a few one of a kind highlights that you probably won't find on other top of the line models. 

To begin with, this is probably the biggest model in our assortment of the best gaming mouse cushions. Estimating in at 30.71 creeps by 11.1 inches, this cushion suits both the console and mouse and still leaves a great deal of room for different necessities. 

Furthermore, it's waterproof. This element alone makes it a heavenly choice on the off chance that you like having some espresso around during the game. 


You may likewise like that the Pecham suits a wide range of gaming mice. This component implies that it will in any case be of incredible use as you supplant your gaming mice. 

This cushion has a material surface made of lycra texture that offers superb coast attributes. Once more, this cushion has an overwhelming elastic base. These 2 highlights will empower you to pull-off high-accuracy shots certainly and reliably. 

Will it quarrel? 

Indeed, most fabric gaming mouse cushions fight. In any case, the Pecham may do this simply following a few years. It has durable and solid sewed edges that put off fraying and stripping much after ordinary washes in the machine. 

6Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat 

The Razer Vespula is intentionally for gamers who need a respectably better gaming mouse cushion at any expense. 

This is extraordinary compared to other gaming mouse cushions that offer 2 floating surfaces in a single unit. Truth be told, this is the key element that separates it from others here. 

For what reason is this significant? 

The principle advantage that you harvest here is forefront accuracy and rapid controls from a similar tangle. One side of this tangle is an accuracy surface. This has a finished and uneven feel and it's not as quick as the opposite side. 

Unnecessary to refer to, the exactness side may be perfect for killing games where consistency and precision are vital. 

The opposite side is a rapid surface. This proves to be useful in games that include making expedient developments in a brief instant. 

Indeed, it's to some degree counter-intuitive that you'll have the opportunity to flip the cushion amid the game. Be that as it may, it may be somewhat simpler than exchanging cushions inside and out. 

This model additionally has an adjustable foam wrist rest. Its point is to help your hand, particularly for delayed occasions. 

There's a trick here, however. 

A great many people report that there is a solid oil smell that exudes from the wrist rest. Furthermore, most purchasers report that the cushion creates rises around the skimming surface after around 1 year. 

7SteelSeries Rubber Base Gaming Mouse Pad 

What you are taking a gander at is a tou

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