XBOX One Controller Review

XBOX One Controller Review

Since the arrival of the first XBOX in late 2001, the Microsoft lead has experienced various changes to the controller. 

Beginning as an enormous gadget that drew a great deal of hatred it has developed into a smooth and ergonomically planned remote that we see today. 

Exactly how great is the XBOX One controller, however? We put it through some serious hardship in our audit so you can make up your psyche. 


The highlights that are remembered for the XBOX One controller are a critical improvement from the XBOX 360 contribution. With more than 40 changes between the two gadgets it's obvious that the controller has pushed ahead with the occasions, however, what highlights has it included to separate it from the two its antecedent and its opposition? 

Simple Sticks 

The simple sticks were never an issue with the 360. They were useful and carried out their responsibility, however, they weren't dynamite either. The Xbox One has improved that with some amazing updates for the simple sticks. 

Right off the bat, the sticks are fundamentally simpler to move. This joined with the expulsion of a lot of no man's land, implies that the controller offers expanded exactness. It's not simply as far as in-game where the simple stick has improved, however. The expansion of thumb grasps implies that there is less possibility of your thumb slipping in a significant game. 

This generally implies that the thumbsticks offer a superior encounter on the XBOX One than any time in recent memory. 

Triggers and Bumpers 

The triggers and guards have experienced various upgrades for the XBOX One. Like the simple sticks, there was anything but a tremendous issue with them previously, however, Microsoft hasn't settled for the status quo with the XBOX One and have chosen to attempt to improve it however much as could be expected, the triggers and guards are evidence of this. 

The main most evident part of these two is that they have been expanded in size. They are currently a lot simpler and progressively regular to get your fingers too when you're playing. The guard fastens additionally appear to come out from the controller somewhat more to guarantee that it's simpler to initiate the guard catches. 

The triggers additionally have haptic input remembered for them. This takes into account you as the player to feel criticism through your fingers as you play. This gives a vastly improved thunder experience when you're messing around as you can feel the impacts of the game through your hands. 

Improved D-Pad 

The D-Pad for the 360 controller was a wellspring of bemusement and outrage for players on many occasions throughout the years. It's wasn't as precise with button presses as it ought to be and was not structured ergonomically. The Xbox One controller has comprehended these issues. 

Offering progressively exact catch squeezes, a lot simpler change among positions, and in a greatly improved ergonomic position. The responsiveness of the controller is additionally improved from past adaptations. This is in a split second an enhancement for the 360 forms and permits players to play battling games and platformers to a vastly improved norm. 

Bluetooth Connectivity and Wireless 

The XBOX One controller accompanies Bluetooth availability. This takes into consideration it to be associated with a PC to use as a PC controller. On the off chance that you as of now have an XBOX One and need to game on your PC likewise then this fills in as a less expensive manner to utilize a gamepad as you won't need to go out and get one. 

Notwithstanding this, the XBOX One has XBOX remote availability worked in. This takes into consideration up to 4 controllers one after another to be associated with the XBOX One or 2 controllers with headset abilities. The controller can likewise be utilized on a PC with the remote, however, it requires an XBOX dongle to permit an association, this is less required however because of the Bluetooth availability. 

Battery Pack 

The XBOX One is fueled by two AA batteries. While this offers a decent measure of battery life, it can turn out to be very costly to continue supplanting the batteries. Microsoft does offer a charge pack that permits the controller to be energized again and again. 

While the charge pack is an extra expense, it sets aside cash in the long haul. This is because the expense to energize the charge pack is a lot slower than the expense to buy new AA batteries each time they run out. 

Improved Buttons 

The X, Y, B, and A catches have all been drawn nearer together. This makes games that require "button slamming" a simpler suggestion as moving between the catches ought to be a speedier and simpler movement. 

It likewise implies that there is less possibility of looking at the menu button while playing. This is imperatively significant when playing on the web as the game doesn't stop when you enter the menu in a web-based game. 


The controller has essentially improved the D-Pad from the 360 contribution. This implies there is a prevalent gaming involvement in the XBOX One controller. 

The simple sticks are more responsive and less inclined to slip than any other time in recent memory. 

The guards and triggers have been improved the make gaming a lot simpler 


The battery pack requires an extra buy for a charge pack to make energizing the batteries conceivable 

The PC requires a dongle to get to the gadget utilizing remote. 

Extra Options 

The Xbox One Elite controller offers some extra highlights that are excluded from the typical form. With the capacity to redo the controller to your prerequisites it immediately makes the controller easier to understand. The simple sticks and the D-Pad can both be changed over to various adaptations. The oars on the back of the controller can be changed over too. 

The equipment for the Elite controller is additionally adaptable. There is a bit of programming that can be utilized on both PC and the XBOX One to change the catch mappings for the controllers. It takes into account 2 unique mappings to be spared at any one time. The affectability of the simple sticks can likewise be changed to the player's inclinations. 

This comes at a lot bigger expense than the first XBOX One controller however, yet on the off chance that you pay attention to your gaming, at that point it could merit paying out the additional cost. 


The Xbox One controller is significantly better than the 360 contribution. It focused on the particular regions that required improvement and improved them. This doesn't imply that it's ideal and doesn't have any awful focuses, however, the degree of progress shows that Microsoft are tuning in to their clients and attempting to improve their experience. 

On the off chance that controller is a significant perspective for your gaming, the XBOX One offers a decent quality item. It unquestionably satisfies the enhancements in the reassure itself and doesn't let down the gaming experience.

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